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Do you know the attractiveness of your showcase?
Do you know how many people enter your POS and leave without buying?
Are your customers satisfied with your service?

We offer you our Retail Intelligence® solutions to increase profitability, boost sales efficiency, improve customer service, and take full advantage of each point of sale's potential.



Find out how many clients pass by your POS at any given moment and check the attraction rate of your shop windows. 



Know how many potential customers enter the POS, how many buy and how many leave without buying.


Clients Repetition

Find out what percentage of new customers enter at each point of sale and the frecuency of visits of regular customers.


Clients segmentation

Identify sex and age group of your clients, as well as the amount of time the stay looking at the shop windows and/or displays.


Customer satisfaction

Interact with your customers to evaluate their shopping experience and know their satisfaction rate.


Hot Spots

Identify customer flows of your POS, the main busy areas and how many customers pass by specific promotions.



Analyze the strong and weak points of each POS to identify their variables for improvement.


Optimal Staff

Calculate optimal staff to meet each point of sale's needs.



Get a foresight on visitors entries and calculate your future sales.

What our clients say

  • Thanks to TC Analytics we have been able to implement operative improvements and optimise the incentives to remarkably increase our sales convertion ratio.

    Juan Valero Director of Sales and Distribution of Orange in Catalonia
  • The System TC Analytics has allowed us to identify those stores that let clients "go without buying”, and help them optimise the convertion.

    Mònica Algàs CEO at Bóboli
  • Knowing the allocation of entrances and attendance along the days and weeks has allowed us to reorganize the schedules of each point of sale and redistribute the staff according to the needs of each store. This has meant to the chain a saving of more than 300,000 in a single year.

    Stefan Quiles CEO at MUY MUCHO
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