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Barcelona recovers pedestrian traffic despite the attack

Barcelona recovers pedestrian traffic despite the attack

An analysis carried out by TC Group Solutions, a company who’s specialized in Big Data and Retail Intelligence, shows that after the terrorist attack, the city of Barcelona only need one week to recover the pedestrian flow of its most commercial roads.

The pedestrian flow of Barcelona continues to go well despite the attack on the Rambla on August 17th. This is demonstrated by study of TC Group Solutions, a company who’s is specialized in analyzing Big Data and Retail Intelligence.

The loss of tourist flow due to the attack is a major concern for the tourist and commercial sector. Most cities that have suffered a terrorist attack have faced a major drop in retail sales.

Pedestrian flow

As already mentioned in a press release last year by TC Group Solutions, "after the Paris attack, the pedestrian flow of adjacent commercial roads fell by 8,16% in just one year (between 2015 and 2016 ) ".

However, this is not the case of the Catalan capital - at least according to the data released in this analysis, which encloses 12 very important commercial streets in the area, where "only one week has passed to recover the stability of the pedestrian flow of the first fifteen days of August".

This study analyzes the evolution of pedestrian traffic, week by week, of commercial streets near the center of the attack, comparing them and to the same week of the previous year. In addition, it also compares the number of conversions in sales in the city during the month of August.

Average pedestrian traffic variation 2017 VS 2016

Week 14/08 to 20/08 = -9'62%

Week 21/08 to 28/08 =  1,32%

Week 29/08 to 03/09 =  0,93%

If we refer to the week before the attack (August 7th to 13th in August), it can be seen that, on the days of the attack, there was a global drop in the pedestrian crossing of -20,44 on the 12 roads included in the study (that, in some of them, reaches up to 41%). The following week, this decline fell by -11.31% and, at the end of August, it has returned to the normal average: the number of pedestrians has increased, compared to the week in question, by a 6.13 %.

In return, if we take as reference the data of the previous year, these same roads suffered a drop in pedestrian traffic of 9.62% in the week of August 17, and an increase of 1.32% the following week.

Commercial activities

Commercial activity, measured in sales-conversion ratios, has also recovered very quickly. The conversion ratio calculates the percentage of people entering a store and completing a purchase, and which of them instead leaves the store without buying anything. According to the results of the study, after a drop of -1.44 points during the week of the terrorist attack, there were clear improvements of 0.29 and 0.88 points respectively the following week.


This study by TC Group Solutions has highlighted Barcelona's overcoming capability and the contribution of the tourism and commercial sector to rapidly return the normality of the entire city.
More about TC Group Solutions

More about TC Group Solutions

Founded in 2007 as T-Cuento Soluciones, today TC Group Solutions leads the market in the development of all types of solutions for collecting and analysing BIG DATA inside and outside commercial establishments.

With its central office in Barcelona, and owned branches in Paris, Milan and Bogota, TC Group Solutions is now present in more than 20 countries around 4 continents, with over 10,000 sensors installed, directly or through exclusive trusted distributors.