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TC Group Solutions enters the food and beverage industry to measure customer loyalty

  • TC Group Solutions enters the food and beverage industry to measure customer loyalty and frequency of customer visits.


The increase in the number of operators in the food and beverage industry forces brands to know in more detail the behavior and shopping habits of their clients, to be able to adapt products, offer a wider variety and promote special sales at the point of sales.

In order to help the companies in this new challenge, TC Group has incorporated in its people-counting solutions a small Wi-Fi receiver that allows to differentiate the percentage of new clients and regular clients, and to measure the frequency of repeat visits of the later, in supermarkets and hypermarkets.

According to Jordi Bartoli, CTO of TC Group Solutions, “although wi-fi counters are not the most suitable option to calculate conversion ratios, as they are only able to take into account 40% of client entries, they are important to calculate customer loyalty as long as we combine their data with the data originated from other reliable people-counting solutions ”.

For that reason, TC Group Solutions has incorporated this double measurement tool in all of its counting systems for those establishment chains that want to know the percentage of repeat clients who enter their stores and the frequency of repetition. This is the way TC Group Solutions has begun to offer its solutions to local supermarkets.


More on TC Group Solutions

Founded in 2007 as T-Cuento Soluciones, today TC Group Solutions leads the market in the development of all types of solutions for collecting and analysing BIG DATA inside and outside commercial establishments, inside and outside commercial establishments.

After its market entry in Paris in 2011, TC Group Solutions adds in 2015 two new companies to the group: T-Cuento Italia in Milan and Data Retail in Bogota.

Today, TC Group Solutions is present in more than 20 countries around 4 continents with more than 4,500 points of sale installed, directly or through exclusive trusted distributors.