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TC Group Solutions opens new branches

  •  TC Group Solutions, the company specialized in obtaining and analyzes BIG DATA for companies in the RETAIL sector, increases its presence in Europe and makes its way in Latin America.


After it entered the French market, TC Group Solutions continues its European expansion launching T-Cuento Italia.

This new society has a share equal to 70% from TC Group Solutions and 30% from Venticento Srl, the Italian company dedicated to the development of CRM for retailers, with seats in Milan and NY. According to Enrico Dellù, Venticento’s general director, this alliance is key due to the fact that this collaboration can bring further innovations and technological tools which are needed by the big player in the current Italian retail market.

In the Colombian market, TC Group operates through the company Data Retail, a joint venture created with Viatek Group which is specialized in the technological sector. Actually, Data Retail is distributing Retail Intelligence solutions provided by TC Group together with the services and products offered by Viatek. In short, the range of merchandise will grow in order to better the commercial efficiency.

For next year, the Spanish company plans to grow in its homeland market, consolidating its presence in the French one and approach Germany.

According to Alvaro Angulo, CEO of TC Group Solutions, "with our participation in EuroCIS fair (23-25 February), the leading business event for Retail Technology in Düsseldorf, we will analyze the German retail market to feel what adaptations may be required, as well as contact potential distributors and installers"


More about TC Group Solutions

Founded in 2007 as T-Cuento Soluciones, today TC Group Solutions leads the market in the development of all types of solutions for collecting and analysing BIG DATA inside and outside commercial establishments, inside and outside commercial establishments.

After its market entry in Paris in 2011, TC Group Solutions adds in 2015 two new companies to the group: T-Cuento Italia in Milan and Data Retail in Bogota.

Today, TC Group Solutions is present in more than 20 countries around 4 continents with more than 4,500 points of sale installed, directly or through exclusive trusted distributors. 

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