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The 'Black Friday' has come to Europe to stay

  • A study based on five European commercial cities, showshow the pedestrian traffic has increased by 6% compared to the previous year throughout the week of Black Friday.


The Black Friday, which is a day dedicated to exceptional discounts, turned into a week of special deals called Black Week, increasing the pedestrian traffic on major European shopping streets. It is increasingly evident that even Europeans take advantage of these dates to make their pending purchases and even anticipate Christmas gifts.

 Black Friday 2017 Europe

Madrid isthe commercial capital that has managed to generate the highest rate of pedestrian traffic. The city has increased by 5.19% over the previous year, with an average number of 45,185 pedestrians walking in its commercial streets along the week.

Barcelona, with an average number of 42,266 pedestrians and an increase of 3.95%, is positioned as the second city with more pedestrian traffic.

Milan has also gained pedestrian traffic on commercial streets, reaching an average of 39,851 pedestrians during the Black Week.

Paris and Lisbon are the capitals where this increase was most noticeable: 9.84% and 9.25% respectively, which means an average of 36,652 and 39,445 pedestrians walking along its commercial streets.

The results of this pedestrian traffic analysis not only confirm the success of Black Friday in Europe, but also show that shopping streets continue to attract many enthusiasts and are preferred over malls and shopping centers, at least with mild temperatures.

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