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The Intelligent Display, which indicates buyers' profiles and emotional reaction

  • Disme and TC Group Solutions have worked together to develop an intelligent display which enables store managers to identify shoppers' profiles, their emotional reaction to a certain product, dwell time, as well as the frequency of visits to point of sale.


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The two companies, Disme and TC Group Solutions, leaders in the PLV and in collecting and analyzing BIG DATA for Retail sector, have allied to develop and commercialise together the Intelligent Display, a revolutionary device that turns a conventional display into a powerful weapon of sale for advertising brands and retailers. It is a face recognition device with a wi-fi receiver placed in a strategic place on the commercial furniture and/or product display, possibly in the showcase or inside the stores, that makes it possible to recognize shoppers' genders, age groups, and how long they have been interacting with a certain product.

The software is also able to recognize the frequency of visitors to the point of sale, a very useful data for brands when determining if a product is sold on impulse or if it's been a planned purchase both to non-frequent customers and loyal clients. For retailers, all this information helps them know the most visited areas in their commercial establishments and define product layout better according to consumer profile.

In addition, this revolutionary product incorporates an independent GPRS system that stores recognition data and sends it in real time to advertising brands in order to speed up the decision-making process. The investment brands and retailers make in technological solutions that enable them to acquire first-hand information about their clients and the reality of what happens in their stores is increasing steadily.

The Intelligent Display is very easy to install at any point of sale and is commercialised throughout the EU. Both companies have already begun to implement it in Spain among their clients, and plan to launch it in the French market in the Digital (In)Store trade fair in Paris, next 23 of September.

More on Disme

Founded in 1962 it is the pioneering company in PLV and commercial interior design solutions in Spain. With its headquarters in Barcelona and a 22,000 m2 production center equipped with the most modern technology, at present Disme has branches in France and the UK and exports 65% of its production to more than 50 countries. Disme offers turnkey services starting from the concept, market test, production, logistic and finally installation anywhere around the globe.

More on TC Group Solutions

Founded in 2007 as T-Cuento Soluciones, today TC Group Solutions leads the market in the development of all types of solutions for collecting and analysing BIG DATA inside and outside commercial establishments, inside and outside commercial establishments.

After its market entry in Paris in 2011, TC Group Solutions adds in 2015 two new companies to the group: T-Cuento Italia in Milan and Data Retail in Bogota.

Today, TC Group Solutions is present in more than 20 countries around 4 continents with more than 4,500 points of sale installed, directly or through exclusive trusted distributors.