BIG DATA Reports

In TC Group Solutions we have been accompanying our clients for 10 years, developing new metrics and performance indicators in order to help them to identify consumer behavior patterns: which are the busiest streets, which days of the week and at what times, what makes people enter or not enter a store, what drives them or what restrains them from buying once they are inside, etc.

BIG DATA offers a world of opportunities to retailers and supposes an added value. Nevertheless, the challenge is to sort the initial unstructured data in order to obtain a good analysis that guarantees the appropriate decision-making in real time.

With this aim, we develop the BIG DATA Reports on Consumer Behavior, using the extensive data collected by our more than 15,000 sensors installed in the commercial streets and its stores  over 25 countries around the world, along with the thousands of transactions that are carried out daily at our client's points of sale and the rental prices of the commercial premises.

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