TC Group Solutions, winner of Irisys "Best European Performer Award"


  • Irisys, the leading European provider of people counting sensors, with over 20 years of experience and more than 400,000 units installed worldwide, has awarded TC Group Solutions as the best European distributor.


According to Alan Thomson, Irisys Account Director, “The criteria for choosing the winner are based on a combination of factors, and the most important ones are growth and expansion. TC Group Solutions has recorded a growth in the European market of 300%, only last year. Furthermore, sales in Europe are the highest compared to all our distributors”.

Irysis technologies are distributed through a worldwide network of partner companies that offer their end users a wide variety of software solutions, installation services and local support, in order to help them transform and digitize their business.

TC Group Solutions has sells the Irisys thermal sensor for over 10 years among its Retail Intelligence solutions. This hardware, manufactured from start to finish in Irisys factories in the UK, is an extremely accurate in & out people counter, which maintains the anonymity of people and is able to operate in changing environments, even without light , since it counts on the basis of the energy (heat) emitted by the human body.

Alan Thomson, Irisys' Account Director and Albert Pastor, TC Group Solutions’ Deputy Manager.

More about TC Group Solutions

Founded in 2007, today TC Group Solutions leads the market in the development of Retail Intelligence solutions for collecting and analysing Big Data inside and outside commercial establishments.

With offices in Barcelona, Paris, Milan and NY, TC Group Solutions is present in over 40 countries, and has more than 20,000 sensors installed, collecting millions of data about the behavior and flows of people around the world.