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At TC Group Solutions we generate knowledge from the highly reliable data provided by our technological solutions for Retail.

A comprehensive dashboard for Retail professionals.

Carry out audits in establishments using customisable checklists.

Consult pedestrian traffic data in more than 900 cities in 30 different countries.

Our real-time capacity control system.


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At TC Group Solutions we generate knowledge from the highly reliable data provided by our technological solutions for Retail.

Which benefits can our solutions provide?


Retail Intelligence KPIs

You will be able to measure and identify the most relevant KPIs for managing your business: external traffic, inflows, outflows, attraction ratio, conversion ratio, etc.


Point of sale potential

Knowing the sales potential of your establishments based on pedestrian flow will allow you to optimise your sales network on an ongoing basis.


Power of attraction and conversion

Quantify and manage the flow of customers and your ability to convert them into sales with the most reliable tools on the market (99.5% accuracy).


Resource optimisation

Thanks to real-time tracking of the attraction and conversion ratios, you can measure and optimise the efficiency of your resources: marketing campaigns, promotions, shop windows, staff, opening hours, etc.


Ensuring security measures

You will be able to control the capacity and ensure compliance with health and safety protocols in your establishments to guarantee maximum protection for customers and employees.


Our solutions

TC Analytics is a complete, highly intuitive and customisable dashboard where our clients can analyse and compare the performance of their points of sale through the main Retail Intelligence KPIs.

TC Check is an automated auditing tool that allows you to monitor and control internal protocols at the point of sale and in your organisation, in real time.

TC Street provides you with external pedestrian traffic data for more than 900 cities in 30 different countries. It measures and compares pedestrian traffic on major street sections and shopping centres in each city according to time slots which cover a 24 hour period.

TC Occupancy is our real-time capacity control system, with maximum threshold definition, alert management and access warnings.

Who we are

We are leaders in the development of highly reliable technological solutions for professional Retail management.

Thanks to our high-precision Retail Intelligence tools, you will have access to key information (Big Data Analytics) that will allow you to make decisions to optimise your resources, increase the quality of your commercial service and maximise your returns.

Clients who put their trust in us

Ana María Avilés Pinto

Marketing Manager | TEA SHOP

The visualisation of Data is what we value most about TC Analytics. Only what is measured can be improved. In addition, the ToF technology has allowed us to monitor our customers' inputs and differentiate them from the continuous flow of our employees, a key difference in our point of sale, where street marketing is an important sales technique.

Stefan Quiles

General Director | Muy Mucho

To be 10 metres from a good location is to be in a bad location. Nowadays, thanks to TC Street's foot traffic data, we can choose which is the best option for the location of our shops.

Antonio Sanchez

Retail Manager | SCALPERS

We wanted to measure consumer behaviour in our physical shops as accurately as we do online. Using TC Analytics we have real-time, reliable Data to compare and make decisions in an agile way.

Guillaume Lemaire

Country Manager Retail Spain | IKKS

In our expansion strategy we always check the footfall Data of each location with TC Group Solutions. It allows us to precisely compare potential locations with existing shops.

Mª Cruz Trasande

Retail Manager EUREKAKIDS

TC Check provided the solution for implementing our internal protocols. Thanks to this service, we are able to provide our staff with a personalised, paper-free tool that allows us to review incidents in each of our shops on a weekly basis.