Our technological tools offer high added value to companies in many sectors.

TC Group Solutions aims to generate knowledge in order to improve profitability through highly reliable technological solutions. The experience gained over more than 15 years of working with a range of clients in the field of Retail Intelligence@ allows us to detect the needs in the value chain of the different sectors and to propose customised technological solutions for each of them.


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We help you understand and analyse consumer behaviour from an omnichannel perspective: the digital age enables customers to be tracked online, but are you doing it in the physical shops? For the Retail sector, knowing the external traffic, arrivals, departures and attraction and conversion ratios has become a commodity, which is indispensable for competing in a market that is becoming increasingly globalised in terms of territory and sales channels.

2. Hospitality


According to time slots, what is the customer flow through the different areas? What is the average customer service time at the front desk? Are all necessary cleaning protocols always carried out in the rooms? Thanks to our technological solutions you will be able to monitor the flow of customers, know how they behave in the different areas and manage your resources in order to offer the best service to your clients.

Buildings and offices


Controlling the flow of people throughout the different spaces and rooms of buildings and offices is becoming increasingly important in order to be able to adapt their use and functionality. Optimisation of space in shopping centres or large offices allows for strategic redesign, as well as better management of HR and services offered to customers and employees.

Public establishments


The Public Administration is responsible for many buildings which are open to the public (museums, libraries, citizens' offices, schools, universities, etc.), and so it is important to manage the flow of people in order to ensure a satisfactory service to citizens, employees and visitors.

Industrial sector


Large industrial companies are particularly adept at developing efficient work processes, an essential element in the creation of added value at the lowest possible cost. Our technological tools are the best ally for the auditing and real-time monitoring of internal work processes, protocols and function compliance.

Health and pharmacies


Professionalisation in hospital or pharmacy management is an established phenomenon that has significantly accelerated over the last decade. With the help of TC Group Solutions, this sector is implementing people counting systems, as well as security protocol systems for customers and employees. Our experience in the Retail sector, combined with the efficient management of large buildings is a competitive advantage that the Healthcare sector is adopting at an accelerated rate.

Facilities Management


Delivering the highest quality services to clients is a major challenge for Facilities Management companies. This includes both capacity control in offices and being aware of incidents in order to be able to respond as efficiently as possible.