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With TC Check you can manage your results in real time and remotely, and you will have a complete history of the status of your organisation.

You can include images and quantitative and qualitative information in a single tool as a basis for easy consultation and subsequent analysis and decision making.

Customise, audit, analyse and respond: the four TC Check steps


Customise your questionnaires

Customise your questionnaires or, alternatively, use the templates provided by TC Group Solutions. You will be able to incorporate various content formats (text, image and/or graphic elements) in the answers.


Assign each form with an access level and time frame

You can create different levels of users within your team, create different questions for each of them to answer and assign them a specific time frame.


Launch the questionnaire and assign a response time

Enable your organisation to answer the checklists and move through their daily tasks in an orderly manner.


Check the results

Let the data do the talking and analyse the information in a very visual way to improve the management of your establishments. You will be able to easily compare the completion as well as the results of the questionnaire of your shop network.

Efficient, real-time protocol control

100% digital tool

Optimised, easy and intuitive usability for your team

Monitor incidents and act quickly and efficiently

Analyse collected information and make data-driven decisions

Our clients can log in with either the Web App or by downloading the Apps from the corresponding Stores.

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