TC Group Solutions is present in more than 40 countries in 4 continents, with over 20,000 sensors installed, directly or through exclusive trusted distributors.

Case studies

"Thanks to TC Analytics we have been able to implement operative improvements and optimise the incentives to remarkably increase our sales convertion ratio.”

Juan Valero

Director of Sales and Distribution of Orange

"The System TC Analytics has allowed us to identify those stores that let clients "go without buying”, and help them optimise the convertion.”

Mònica Algàs

CEO at Bóboli

"Knowing the allocation of entrances and attendance along the days and weeks has allowed us to reorganize the schedules of each point of sale and redistribute the staff according to the needs of each store. This has meant to the chain a saving of more than 300,000 in a single year.”

Stefan Quiles


Thanks to TC Analytics you can now know the flow of visitors distributes to the different areas and corridors of the mall. This allows to analyze this reality in the most effective way, considerably increasing the profitability of the shopping center.

David Aussenac

Asset Manager de Icade