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TC Analytics is a tool for Retail professionals that allows them to display the data collected by our people counting sensor regarding consumer behaviour at the point of sale in real time.

Thanks to the monitoring of key management KPIs, you will be able to make decisions that will optimise your resources and maximise the return on your business.

TC Analytics is equipped with the best technology on the market. VECTOR 4D sensors guarantee 99.5% reliability in people counting and offer a guarantee of success backed by 15 years of experience as well as the high satisfaction of our clients in more than 7,000 points of sale.

Things that can be
measured with our tool:

External pedestrian traffic

The number of potential customers that pass in front of your point of sale.

Arrivals and departures

Real-time people counting and customer flow analysis.

Repeat customer rate

How many of your customers are repeat customers? How often do they visit your shops? Are your loyalty campaigns effective?

Socio-demographic profiling

Allows customer segmentation according to gender and age group.

Routes and Heat Maps

Identify the areas that attract the most attention by analysing customer behaviour at the point of sale.

Return on investment (ROI) of marketing campaigns

Measure the impact and effectiveness of your campaigns and promotions. Generate strategic alignments based on consumer behaviour.

Staff management

Calculate the optimal staffing requirements for each point of sale for each time period.

Shift and queue management

Manage the service shift for your customers in an automated way and reduce waiting times.

TC Analytics is a multi-device platform (for mobiles, tablets and computers) designed with real-time optimal usability criteria.


Tiered access

Configurable KPIs

Personalised reports

Rankings and projections

Alarms for variances

Technical specifications

99.5% accurate technology: the most reliable tool on the market.

TC Group Solutions has the most advanced technology on the market: VECTOR 4D by Irisys.
Thanks to its Time of Flight (ToF) technology, you can collect data on arrivals and departures with a maximum accuracy and reliability of 99.5%, as well as differentiate between heights (adults and children) and between customers and staff.

The data is collected through an independent network (ethernet) and sent directly to our databases, where it is processed, analysed and uploaded to the TC Analytics platform so that our clients can consult it in an in-depth and visual way.
All our systems comply with current data protection regulations.


Flow detection
People counting system (arrivals and departures).

Differentiation between customers and staff
Identification of shop staff by means of reflective lanyards.

Height differentiation
The sensor can differentiate between children and adults.

Data anonymity
We comply with current legislation for protecting the privacy of your customers.

Shop insights
We measure the time people spend in a defined area.

Unaffected by changes in lighting, glare, shade or reflections on surfaces.

Network connection
Several sensors can be connected to increase the coverage range of the space.

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