Our Retail Intelligence® solutions

By using our solutions, you can measure the flow of consumers to your points of sale as well as their conversion rate, control and optimise your customers' experience through the implementation of omnichannel strategies, and identify the main consumer insights.

The cornerstones for the development of our Retail Management solutions are the following:

1. Continuous innovation in technology that ensures reliability and high data accuracy.

2. Transformation of Big Data into Smart Data and key management ratios.

3. Optimal data visualisation to facilitate decision-making.

Personalised service and training


Smart Data

Reliable data collection (100%) Generation of Smart Comparative Rankings management ratios.



Continuous R&D innovation tools Quality control.



Interpretation and visualisation of data through high quality and innovative graphics.

Our Retail Intelligence® technology solutions improve efficiency and optimise profits at the point of sale. They represent the core of the digital transformation at the point of sale.


Our solutions

TC Analytics is a complete, highly intuitive and customisable dashboard where our clients can analyse and compare the performance of their points of sale through the main Retail Intelligence KPIs.

TC Check is an automated auditing tool that allows you to monitor and control internal protocols at the point of sale and in your organisation, in real time.

TC Street provides you with external pedestrian traffic data for more than 900 cities in 30 different countries. It measures and compares pedestrian traffic on major street sections and shopping centres in each city according to time slots which cover a 24 hour period.

TC Occupancy is our real-time capacity control system, with maximum threshold definition, alert management and access warnings.