People-counting systems: the allies of retail businesses


Installing people-counting systems in your brick-and-mortar store will allow you to analyse your customers’ behaviour inside your shop. It is that simple. Checking the traffic on our website, you can measure the pedestrian flow outside your shop thanks to a sophisticated and highly reliable tool.

With the rise of digitalisation in the retail sector, retailers have had to adjust their decision-making strategy. Nowadays, retailers not only follow their personal criteria, but they consider the information obtained from consumers thanks to tools that indicate which actions generate a better performance.

people-counting systems

Counting the pedestrian traffic

In the same way that Google Analytics is used to detect which areas of an e-commerce work best and study the behaviour of its consumers, people counting systems can disclose the same data in a physical store.

It's wrong to think that people-counting systems only indicate who enters and leaves the store. These systems are also able to measure each area of ​​the company. Among others: the efficiency of the shop windows, the effectiveness of the sellers, or verifying the customer's journey in the store. People counting systems also allows you to:

  • Quantify the number of potential clients that pass by your shop windows.

  • Know how many visitors enter the stores.

  • Manage the clients’ waiting times.

  • Discover how many people left without buying.

All this information allows retailers to make effective decisions to improve their business performance and the general results of their stores.

How do people-counting systems work? How do they collect and gather data?

People-counting systems consist of very discrete sensors located inside the store. These sensors are the ones that gather and process the data, that is then collected and processed to provide the retailer with an exhaustive final report. The idea is to cross-reference all this information with other data from the same store to detect its strengths and weaknesses.

There are various types of people-counting systems on the market, so the margin of error and the data quality can vary depending on which technology is used.

Using the best technology on the market allows retailers to have accurate information and thus make better decisions.

At TC Group Solutions, we provide retailers with physical technology and an integrated control panel from which the data processed by the counting systems present in physical stores is displayed, allowing all information to be viewed in a single platform through tables and graphs.

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