Top 5 Retail trends in 2023


What are the top 5 Retail trends in 2023? Getting to know your consumer’s behaviour inside your store it’s vital if you want to offer a unique and memorable buying experience. This data’s also fundamental because it allows you to understand your consumers’ needs and, therefore, it’ll help you take better decisions for the growth of your business. In the omnichannel era, the only option that online and offline stores have to survive is to work together and synchronise so as to offer an outstanding experience to customers.

Retail trends in 2023

Phygital experience

The hybrid buying experience has arrived to stay. The customers decide in what way (and on which platform) they want to take every step of their buying journey: they may start by researching the products they want on your website, check them out at the store and then have them delivered to their house. The "phygital" experience is definitely one of the most popular retail trends in 2023.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is changing the way customers see the physical store. Customers are already used to this powerful technology, and they want to see it implemented in-store in order to have the same services both offline and online. Moreover, Artificial Intelligence is crucial for Retailers because it allows them to gather and analyse information about their clients and thus improve their commercial strategy.

retail trends in 2023

Flexible financing

Buy now, pay later: flexible paying methods are already a trend, and they allow the customer to pay for their purchase in instalments. In these times of crisis and high cost of living, the retail sector must offer new solutions adapted to their customer’s needs.

Buy online, pick up in-store

This is a tendency that is already been used by most retailers, especially big fashion brands. This tendency unites the online with the offline experience and it allows customers to easily receive their purchase and avoid shipping fees.

Consumption awareness

The social changes of recent years have led consumers to be more reflective with their purchases and the impact they have on our planet. Their compromise with sustainability is reaffirmed even more and therefore they choose brands aligned with these values.


Knowing current consumer trends is essential to gather the information needed to make effective decisions. At TC Group Solutions we have TC Analytics, the key technological tool to analyse customer behaviour in your stores. Tracking the most important retail KPIs is essential to optimize resources and maximize the performance of your business.

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