Retail Intelligence Report 2021


In this Retail Intelligence Report 2021, we will plainly see the impact that the pandemic has had on footfall in the main shopping streets in European cities.

The digital transformation of commerce with highly reliable tools is essential to increase profitability in an increasingly competitive and omnichannel market.

Informe Retail Intelligence 2021

2020 was a year that saw us afflicted by a global pandemic and resulted in us having to re-evaluate our reality, needs and priorities. Physical limitations have spurred us on as consumers to integrate the use of tools such as Zoom and Amazon into our daily lives, willingly or not, to the point where we are currently saturated. Online purchases have offered us a lifeline, but now more than ever, we are fully aware of the value of the simple things such as going for a walk, going shopping or having a coffee in a terrace.
Footfall was reduced to a minimum in 2021, with a 28% drop on 2019. The ability of physical shops to attract consumers is resistant, however; from September onwards, the figures were slightly higher than in the previous year and closed with an 8% attraction rate. Traditional business is suffering heavily, but it continues to be magnetic.

The data used to create this report come from over 10,000 people-counting TC-Street sensors.

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