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Retail Intelligence Report 2023


Discover the key data of the Retail sector in Spain, Italy and France.

Would you like to know privileged information on the Retail sector to elaborate efficient and successful strategies in your shops?

TC Group Solutions' new Retail Intelligence Report 2023 was created starting from more than 10,000 TC Street people-counting sensors, installed in the majority of Europe's commercial streets.

The main goal of this report is to present the main KPIs of retail management, the characteristics of our solutions and softwares and offer highly reliable data that can help to grow the income of your retail business.

report retail intelligence 2023

In this Report, you will find...

  • External traffic: pedestrians passing in front of the stores at a maximum distance of 5 meters.

  • Attraction Ratio (AR): percentage of people entering the commercial premises compared to potential customers.

  • Conversion Ratio (CR): percentages of average tickets of the commercial premises with respect to the number of people entering the premises.

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