3 reasons why you should switch to digital for your store audits


In order to digitalise the in-store experience and improve customer service, many retailers have put apart the digitalization of the internal processes in the store, expecially store audits.

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Trying to improve the client’s experience inside the shop is vital to attract new and potential customers, but let’s not forget that the compliancy to the brand’s image and the state of every single store are a key point for the business’ expansion and its efficiency.

The benefits of digitalising internal processes and staff control are a few: let’s discover them in this article.

store audits

Ensure the implementation of the brand’s strategy and the good state of each store

Define the strategy of a brand is a tough task, especially because there is a need to find a unique selling point to differentiate it from its competitors.

The implementation of this strategy in the store is the materialization of an efficient communication that can attract, conquer, and retain the consumer to the brand.

Ensuring the correct operation of the store, which is in line with the commercial strategy and the product strategy, corresponds to ensuring the success of the positioning of your brand in the commercial universe. A store that respects the brand's strategy and follows its directives will be able to bring consumers a unique and memorable shopping experience.

Nowadays, to attract consumers to physical retail and distract them from the e-Commerce, the in-store offered experience is a fundamental point for business growth.

It is therefore essential that all brick-and-mortar stores present themselves impeccably to the consumer and that they are consistent with the strategy of the store itself: products, showcases, promotions, stock, the quality of customer attention, opening hours, communications, etc.

A digitized store audit allows you to keep all these aspects under control daily and in real time, thus facilitating the work of the Area Manager.

Improved efficiency in the store

Digitalising internal processes means abandoning paperwork and manual processes. A paperless and digital approach, in addition to being the most ethically sustainable choices, become the best way to facilitate audit and control processes.

Having everything under control in an intuitive app, will make the process of store audits easier for all staff members who are involved: area managers, employees, and finally management who then, during the control phase, will have to analyse them to take targeted and strategic decisions.

Furthermore, thanks to a digital store audit tool, it is possible to view the history of all previous store audits, thus allowing incidences to be analysed and prevented.

Prioritise by customizing store audits

The flexibility and customisation of the checklists used for store audits are essential elements in establishing the strategic and tactical priorities of each individual store. Furthermore, having functions such as an image history is another element that facilitates the implementation of the company's best practices and the evolutionary monitoring of each point of sale.

Attending to the needs of each point of sale and being able to monitor its evolutionary process is essential to ensure a unified brand image. The possibility of creating customizable checklists, assigning them to managers, repeating them over time or setting a precise date, makes the control of all internal processes more exhaustive.

The tools to carry out a digital store audit, nowadays, can provide qualitative and quantitative information of your stores in a totally digital format. Many tools on the market offer the possibility of adding images and different content formats to simplify processes and have a much more precise and accurate idea of ​​the status of each individual store.

TC Check: the solution to digitalise your store audits

TC Check is the solution created by TC Group that will allow you to digitalise your store audits with a highly intuitive application and customizable checklists, to best adapt the tool to what your store needs.

You will be able to include images and quantitative and qualitative information in a single tool as a basis for easy reference and analysis, and subsequent improvement of the decision-making process.

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